Main Building Double Deluxe

The  Main Building Double Deluxe Rooms (40 sq.m to 47 sq.m each, with a veranda of 10 sq.m) are designed to provide more comfort and style than the standard rooms internationally. Therefore, our standard rooms are more spacious and luxury than the standard type of rooms in other hotels. 

Deluxe Bungalow Sharing Pool

The Deluxe Bungalows Sharing Pool (45 sq. m each) are designed to provide as much comfort, luxury and style as possible. There is direct access to a swimming pool (3 to max 6 bungalows are sharing the same swimming pool). You can also choose 2 connected rooms (90 sq.m) with internal   door and 2 bathrooms , for big families.

Family Bungalow Sharing Pool

The Family Bungalows Sharing Pool (45 sq. m each) are sharing a pool with 2 more bungalows and have a master bedroom which has access to the bungalow pool and a living room which is connected to the room via a corridor. In this type of room there is no door inbetween the living room and the bedroom, but the bathroom. In the living room there is a sofa bed which 2 children can be accomodated, while due to the size of the living room another bed or baby-cot can be added.

Superior Bungalow Sharing Pool

The 4 Superior Bungalows Sharing Pool (45 sq. m each) provide a private swimming pool for every 2 bungalows.This type of room is suggested for couples or friends and is designed with luxurious fabrics and elegant accessories.


The Suites (60 sqm each, with a veranda of 33sq.m) are designed to provide as much comfort,luxury and style as possible. The suites are located on the first floor and have their own private staircase, while they do not have an elevator. In addition, in their bathrooms you will find a corner bathtub with hot tub.


The Villa (120 sq.m.) with a private swimming pool & garden is designed to accommodate V.I.P. guests. It provides 2 separate master bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room. In the private garden there is a swimming pool, with 2 corner hot tubs.

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