2017 Travelife Golden Award on Sustainability

Olympia Golden Beach Resort & Spa continues its “green” journey by winning for one more year the Travelife Golden Award for its major achievements in managing and promoting the sustainable development.

The audit that was taken place at the hotel premises so that the Travelife organization could confirm that the hotel meets all the requirements for this award was more demanding than any other year before, but Olympia Golden Beach Resort & Spa managed to get this major certification again.

A responsible environmental management and a proper social policy are both as much important to the Olympia Golden Beach Resort & Spa as the satisfaction of its visitors. The use of environmentally friendly products, the recycling of materials and the continuous training of our employees on how to work in an environmentally responsible manner as well as on the protection of the human rights, are only some of our initiatives of which we make sure to inform our visitors in order to promote environmental awareness and also to respect the human factor.

Whilst ensuring that the quality of the food did not compromise the comfort of our guests, we have significantly increased our cooperation with local suppliers, producers and manufacturers and this way we have managed not only to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation but also to achieve a more authentic local dining experience for our visitors and to share the economic benefit of our operation with as many businesses as possible in the local area.

With initiatives such as employing 80% of its workforce from the local community, cooperating with the municipality with regards to recycling facilities and pavement resurfacing and donating items that are no longer suitable for use within the hotel to local organizations, Hotel Olympia Golden Beach Resort & Spa helps preserve the vital community fabric that forms part of our unique hospitality product. Also, the hotel unit keeps continuously organizing seminars for its employees so that they are enriching their abilities on the labor sector.

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